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Sustainable Farming Practices

"My family spends our summers in Cape Cod. I so look forward to the Silverbrook Farm CSA each and every week! The offerings are incredibly fresh whether it be produce, eggs, local cheeses or jellies. With the new year I am counting the days until Summertime!!"

Julee Quinn, Palm Beach Fl/ Harwich Port, MA

"I loved the Silverbrook Farm CSA! This was my first year. The freshness of the products was amazing. The only way one could get any better service or quality would be to pick the vegetables yourself (which luckily wasn't necessary). The diversity of the fruit and vegetables was wonderful. Lots of new products for me. The weekly pickup at Bradford market was easy. I highly recommend it."

Jackie Fein-Zachary

"Last year was my first year participating in a CSA and Silverbrook Farm made it an incredibly memorable experience that I look forward to enjoying again this year. Picking up my share every week was always easy, informative, and quick. I appreciated being able to ask questions about the food as well as suggestions for how to cook some unknown items!"


CSA Basics

CSA stands for Community Sustainable Agriculture.

A CSA is a collection of consumers that agree to purchase products from a local farm (or group of farms) throughout a season.  Members purchase a “share” of the farm and each week go to the farm to pick-up or, have the product delivered to their town.  It is a creative way to eat locally and reduce your carbon footing! For the duration of the growing season, you know the farmer that is providing your fruits  and vegetables, and how they are being produced!

Silverbrook Farm is coordinating the Silverbrook Farm CSA.
We partner with other farms to provide a wonderful diversity of fruits and vegetables offered at the peak of ripeness and freshness.  Our farmers select seed varieties for their taste. The large commercial growers must plant products that can tolerate mechanical harvesting and travel well over long distances.

At the Silverbrook Farm CSA you will find old favorites as well as a heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables that are not usually available in any super market.  All produce is freshly harvested on the pick-up day or the day before.

Another great benefit of owning one of our shares is that you are part of a farm family that donates thousands of pounds of good fresh food to charities every year.

Food is Political and Social.  Where you spend your food dollars makes a big difference to our environment and the local scenery. Spending your food dollars at super markets supports farms in foreign countries. Spending just a fraction of those dollars locally, you support local farms AND keep them from becoming housing developments or strip malls.

Michael Pollen states in his wonderful book, The Omnivores Dilemmathat five calories of petroleum are spent to produce one calorie of food. Most of this expense comes from trucking food long distances, to your table. Other petro-calories come from pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional agriculture. Buying local organic and sustainably grown produce means that you are reducing the effects of excessive petroleum use in agriculture (20% of our nations energy use!).  If everyone ate one local meal each week, the United States would save 57 million barrels of oil a year!

We Promise to share your dollars with other local farms.  The Europeans say “Eat your view” meaning if you want farms in your community, you need to buy from them.  In other words, buying locally keeps green open spaces in your town and helps to ensure that the means to produce food, will exist in your community.

We Offer Full Shares, Half Shares and Quarter Shares. Contact Us Today For Pricing. Purchase By June 1st to reserve.

Our Partner Farms

Our Farms are in Dartmouth and Westport, Massachusetts and are in a 6 mile radius from Silverbrook Farm:

About 50% of the produce in your share will originate from Silverbrook Farm.  The rest are from the following:

  • Mendes Tupelo Hill Farm - Sustainably grown vegetables.  (See home page for definition.)
  • Sylvan Nursery - Sustainably grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Noquechoke Orchards - Conventionally grown apples, peaches, plums and pears.
  • Hillside Farm - Conventional Corn Grower (Organically grown corn will have a worm on every cob.  Paul does not use genetically modified seed.)
  • Quonset View - Integrated Pest Management farm growing strawberries, winter squash and potatoes.
  • Quansett Nursery – Sustainably grown micro-greens.

Fruits & Vegetables You Can Expect in your Share:

We guarantee products that are local and fresh. You will experience the seasonal harvest of New England. Each week there will be a new mix of vegetables, fruits and herbs that are harvested that day or the day before. You will have the opportunity to try some new and tasty varieties of produce as well as many old favorites.

Depending on the month, you may receive:

Salad Greens Tomatoes Strawberries String Beans Beets
Peas Basil Cucumbers Peppers Squash
Pea Tendrils Leeks Garlic Corn Flowers
Raspberries Blueberries Grapes Herbs Spinach

Later in the season your share may also include:

Fingerling Potatoes Onions Winter Squash Asian Pears Turnips
Macomber Turnips Broccoli Carrots Apples Parsnips
Melons Eggplant Kale & Chard Peaches Currants

Click to see approximate amounts included in your share during 3 selected weeks.  

Cheese made right here on the FarmCoast of South-East Massachusetts!

Hannahbells and Cloumage from Shy Brothers Farm in Westport, Great Hill Blue Cheese from Marion, as well as locally made goat cheese and fresh mozzarella will be included in all the shares two or three times.  They will also be offered for sale or pre-order at Silverbrook Farm in Dartmouth during most of the pick up days.

Eggs, Jam & Mustard

Our own free range eggs, preservative free jams and a variety of mustards are occasionally included in the shares at all locations!

Products offered exclusively to our CSA members at the Dartmouth location. Silverbrook Farm pick up only:

Beef:  (Order one eighth or one quarter cow in late July for delivery in early Fall)  This year we will again offer for order:  fresh, grass fed, free range beef from River Rock Farm.  Hormone and nitrate free and raised right next door in Westport, MA.   These local ranchers have sold out of this wonderful product for the next several years, but have allocated several head just for our CSA members.  

Olive Oil:  Tony and Rosemary Melli from Olio Di Melli, will be offering for sale several varieties of their hand picked imported, gourmet quality Italian Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar the third Wednesday of every month during the CSA.  Don’t be shy, let Tony take your palate on his “Tour of Italy”!

We Offer Full Shares, Half Shares and Quarter Shares. Contact Us Today For Pricing. Purchase By June 1st to reserve.